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Who We Are

We combine over 35 years of legal practice and judicial experience with 35 years of knowledge of insurance, life care planning, and rehabilitation in a unique framework of dispute resolution tools best suited to resolve personal injury, medical negligence and insurance related claims.

What We Do

Co-Mediation – a process combining our distinctly different skill sets and professional backgrounds in a manner that enhances the mediation process, by streamlining caucusing and negotiation to secure a timely resolution. For example, where tort and SABS disputes are in the balance, complementary skill sets are employed to work in tandem where multiple issues and multiple parties would otherwise protract the process. This synergy achieves negotiation and settlement efficiencies unavailable to a lone mediator. Thus odds are greater that mediations are shorter and more cost effective.

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Early Neutral Evaluation – a process in which an informal presentation is made by the party or parties to a neutral, for the purpose of obtaining an evaluation about the parties’ positions at any stage of the dispute, including prior to litigation.

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Settlement conference or Pre-hearing Conference – a process in which the parties present their positions, usually prior to trial or arbitration, for the purpose of obtaining an evaluation of potential outcomes at trial or arbitration.

Mediation – a process of intervention in a dispute that enhances negotiation and the active search for resolution.


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99 Kakulu Road, Suite 205
Kanata, ON
K2L 3C8

Documents can also be sent electronically to the email address below. Please ensure attachments do not exceed 20 MBs.

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